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1st Time Family Session FAQs Answered!

Updated: May 2, 2023

Deciding if you want to do a family photography session with us?

This is the right place to start, over the years I've answered a lot of questions about first sessions and what they entail. Today I'll share the answers most of your questions!

Is it worth the money, if the little ones won't smile? What if it rains? Will we be forced to pose? What if my husband wants to wear his band t-shirt? Where should we take them?

Along for the journey is the O'Brien Family who just had their first session with us and they absolutely killed it. You can see first hand, that all went as planned and we even got one smile from the youngest.


What if the little ones won't smile or sit still?

That's okay and completely normal. During our sessions we let the kids be kids and sometimes we even encourage the madness by playing tag or red light/green light! It's all about getting them to have fun and forget we're taking pictures.

What if there's rain in the forecast?

There's 2 options - we play it by ear and if it's light rain we use clear umbrellas (provided by us) or simply reschedule with no rescheduling fee (weather permitting).

But if it's cloudy, we will absolutely recommend staying on schedule. Why? Overcast weather makes for the best photos because the clouds defuse the sun creating the light perfect for pictures.

Trust us, clouds are our friends. #weloveclouds

I'm too awkward, do we have to just stand and smile the whole time?

Generally, smiling is recommended, but here's the catch - we offer lifestyle sessions, not traditional portrait sessions. The main difference between the two is:

  • Traditional sessions include a lot of direction with posed and are usually located in a studio.


  • Lifestyle sessions are not posed. We use prompts designed to create natural moments and candid photos. Sessions are usually held on location.

During our lifestyle sessions, we like to keep things light, natural and fun. Of course we will include a few posed photos, but the majority of the session we will provide prompts to encourage movement. The goal is to forget you're taking your pictures and focus on being in the moment.

What if my husband wants to wear his band t-shirt?

Well we said we could answer most of the questions, but this one we'll leave up to you. Of course we will provide outfit recommendations, but at the end of the day we are here to capture your family as they are. So if your husband feels more comfortable in a t-shirt then just pair it with some khaki pants and we'll take it! Plus he'll be more excited to be there if he's comfortable too. This answer also applies for teenagers.

However, there is one caveat to this - we fully support any and all bribes if it means everyone is all dressed up and looking sharp. We never say no to a little glam, and you won't regret it.

Where should we take our photos?

This is 100% up to you; however, we're here to help brainstorm, provide location ideas based, and even help research location fees.

Note: location or permit fees are typically required by the location you choose and have nothing to do with the studio. We can assist in getting them purchased, but any additional cost will be billed separately. If a session is rescheduled, the location may require a new permit or fee for the new day.


That's a wrap! More questions? We're here to answer them and can't wait to meet you and your family!

Here are some of my favorites from the O'Brien's first session with us and we look forward to your first family session with us too!

All images are copyright by MRCreativeCo 2023 and may not be used without written permission from studio.

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