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The best part of being a photographer is when old friends that you've lost contact with reach out and ask you to capture their special day. Claire & Campbell have the most amazing love story, and I'm beyond honored that they asked MRCreativeCo to capture one of their wedding celebrations.

CLAIRE & CAMPBELL'S LOVE STORY After meeting abroad, they fell in love and moved mountains to make their relationship not only work, but thrive. Officially, they were married in the beautiful country of Australia, where Campbell is from, but they were able to celebrate in the United States with Claire's family and friends. It was the purest of love to witness - a love that traveled across worlds to not only proclaim their love for each other, but to do it twice. And they had family that traveled for both ceremonies, which is just a testament to what a perfect match they are.

Since it was a second ceremony, they kept it quaint and small, but it was nothing short of amazing. From the amazing entrance, to the tear jerking exchange of vows (yes, I cried too), to the nonstop dancing, their US wedding was one for the books. Wishing you both nothing but more laughter, amazing adventures ahead, and so much love.

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